Lab Training

This activity will consist of a training that the student will perform, for a total amount of 75 hours, in dedicated facilities and laboratories at University of Pisa or at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, with the aim to increase the student’s experience in laboratory practice.

This activity will provide students with 3 CFU.

In order to perform the lab training the student has to:
- agree with the course owner the activity content and how/where the activity will be carried out;
- the student and the course owner will both sign the request form (download FORM A)
- thethe hard copy must be submitted to Prof. Giovanni Vozzi (g.vozzi [at] in order to be registered.

The course owner will keep a record of the lab training activity, recording it on a daily basis.
At the end of the training, such record in original (with all signatures) will be submitted to Prof. Giovanni Vozzi by the course owner.
Prof. Vozzi will schedule an oral presentation with the student aiming at evaluating the activity and will decide if approving the 3 CFU assignment to the student.

The Lab training activity has to be performed by students at the 2nd year of the M.Sc. program.
Students who would like to anticipate this activity at the 1st year, should submit a formal request by e-mail to Prof. Giovanni Vozzi (g.vozzi [at] and Prof. Nicola Vanello (arti.ahluwalia [at] (n)icola.vanello [at], who is the President of the Internal Evaluation Committee (CIV).

Please download the Lab Training Attendance Register (students)

IMPORTANT: students that would like to carry out the Lab training at the BioRobotics Institute should ask for it quite in advance (about 2 months before starting). This because the Institute needs to activate the procedure for providing the students with appropriate information and courses on safety and good practices, needed to access the laboratories. Thus, the procedure is: (1) concert with a Professor the Lab training topic and activities about 2 months before really starting it; (2) fill the "Scheda di destinazione lavorativa" (ask Federica Radici for it: federica.radici [at]; (3) follow the instructions that will be given about safety information/courses; (4) once all safety information will be received and the courses will be concluded, the student can start the Lab training activities.