How to apply for M.Sc Thesis

How to apply for M.Sc Thesis in Bionics Engineering:

1) Before starting the M.Sc thesis activity students have to download the form, to fill it with all requested information (in particular the activity starting date) and to collect all needed signatures.

2) The form must be then brought to Prof. Giovanni Vozzi (g.vozzi [at], Tel: 050 2217056), who will sign it and will appoint the tutor(s) and the external supervisor(s). The request will be thus registered - normally, the day after the form has been signed.

3) Starting from the registration date, students are authorized to formally start their thesis activity in the chosen Department/Institute, and they will be covered by University insurances.

4) The M.Sc thesis can be defended not before than 6 months + 1 day from the date that the University of Pisa Secretariat will put on the approved request.

For further information please refer to Mrs. Vittoria Dattilo, vittoria.dattilo [at]

download the Master Thesis Request form

Students who aim to carry out their thesis in a company or in a university/ research center outside the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, need to ensure that a cooperation agreement exists between such company/University/research center and the University of Pisa.

If such a cooperation does not exist, it is necessary to activate one, by the following procedure:

- the contact person at the desired company/University/research center must write an e-mail to: giuliana.grandinetti [at], reporting the following text:

“La nostra azienda/Università/centro di ricerca.... con sede legale a... chiede la stipula di convenzione di dipartimento per tirocini curriculari allo scopo di poter ospitare lo studente........ matricola.....corso di studio...................per tirocinio finalizzato a tesi esterna”;

- after receiving a confirmation, the form “Convenzione” should be completed and signed both the company/University/research center and a professor from UNIPI. The student will be not charged with the costs needed to finalize this procedure;

  • Once the agreement is signed, in order to guarantee his/her insurance coverage, the student can choose between two options, depending on how frequently the student is present in the company/University/research center:
  1. "Progetto formativo": it is a document that allows a coverage for the whole thesis period. It is more appropriate in case of a frequent (almost daily) work activity in the target company/University/research center. Once completed, the document must be sent to: giuliana.grandinetti [at]
  2. "Documento di missione": it is a document that allows a coverage for a specific day indicated by the student. It needs to be filled and brought again to the UNIPI secretary every time (and at least 4 days before) the student needs to work in the target company/University/research center. This route is suggested for students expected to visit the company/University/research center less frequently. Once completed, the document must be sent to: giuliana.grandinetti [at]

For any further information, write an e-mail to Giuliana Grandinetti.