How to apply for M.Sc Thesis

How to apply for M.Sc Thesis in Bionics Engineering:

1) Before starting the M.Sc thesis activity students have to download the form, to fill it with all requested information (in particular the activity starting date) and to collect all needed signatures.

2) The form must be then brought to Prof. Luigi Landini (luigi.landini [at], Tel: 050 2217511), who will sign it and will appoint the tutor(s) and the external supervisor(s). The request will be thus registered - normally, the day after the form has been signed.

3) Starting from the registration date, students are authorized to formally start their thesis activity in the chosen Department/Institute, and they will be covered by University insurances.

4) The M.Sc thesis can be defended not before than 6 months + 1 day from the day the form has been registered by the University of Pisa Secretariat.

download the Master Thesis Request form

Students that want to carry out their thesis in a company or in a University/research center that has not an ongoing agreement with University of Pisa (so, different from Scuola Sant’Anna), must fill the following form:

FORM for thesis in a company or University/research center with no previous agreements with University of Pisa (download)

Together with this form, an appropriate agreement (“Convenzione”) should be established between the company/University/research center and University of Pisa.