Schedule Exams

Biomechanics of human motion - Winter session
Jan 07, 2020

Dear students,

the next written tests related to the Course Biomechanics of Human motion, winter session, will be held at the Istituto di Biorobotica, in Pontedera, between the 10.30 am and the 1.30 pm on  January 24 and February 21.

All interested students are asked to register on the Unipi website within the due time.

For these dates, interested students are dutifully asked to send me an email within 20 Jan and 17 Feb, respectively.

Only students who will pass the written test will access to the oral one. It will be set up later.

As usual, do not forget to take your pen, calculator, rulers, something to eat and drink (in case...) and good luck.

Best regards,

Vito Monaco

Robotics for Surgery and Targeted Therapy - Exams scheduling
July Session

Students intending to give the exam should contact arianna.menciassi [at] (subject: Bionics%20MENCIASSI%20exam) and selene.tognarelli [at] (subject: Bionics%20MENCIASSI%20exam) by sending a message with subject "Bionics MENCIASSI exam".

The next examination could be in the week of July 10 or in the week of July 24 depending on the number of registered students and will be organized in Pontedera.

Additional examination will be organized early or late September.